5 Grooming Tips Every Gay Bottom Needs to Know!

Gay Bottom Grooming 101

Some of you gay bottoms stink, we’re just saying. That’s okay, until now you haven’t understood the importance of grooming and good hygiene. But it could affect your self confidence, your professional and personal life.  A well groomed person is one who loves themselves. Here are a few steps to improving your overall grooming techniques.
1.) Shit, Shower and Shave – The most basic method of grooming on the planet yet most of us follow this method I. The order listed. Your shower should be at q 5 minutes. Lather, rinse and repeat 3x. Be sure to shave a few times a week and touch up when needed.
2.) Moisturize after 25- People of all ages should have a moisturizing regime but if you are 25 and older you need to be moisturizing daily. After 25 your skin begins to actually get old. Those saggy 90 year olds started heading in that direction around 25 years old 65 years is a long time but if you moisturized everyday you would be one of those miracle old people who look 30 years younger.
3.) Diet and Exercise – If you want to be a beautiful gay bottom, then eat beautifully. You are what you eat and you are as happy as the amount of exercise you get daily. Diet and exercise is the #1 way to look better over all. Funny how it’s #3 on our list.
4.) Love yourself – The love you have for yourself will shine through to the world. When you really love yourself all of the above will fall into place.
5.) The small things count- haircuts, manicures, pedicures, nose hair, body hair all should be a part of your grooming regime. Self-maintenance will improve your confidence and people will be more attracted to you.
Now that you have grooming 101 stay tune for how to go from just well groomed to fabulous on Bottomology.com
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