How to Lose Weight Fast

5 Tips To Start Weight Loss Today

So I’ve been on a two year journey to lose weight and while I’ve lost and gained the same 10lbs 100 times. I’ve finally discovered the key to weight loss. Here are   5 ways to begin losing weight today.
1.) Get 3 liters of water in – Drinking this much water will signal to your body to begin to regulate your sodium levels. Which will release toxins and water weight fast. 3 liters a day for life!!!
2.) Cut sugar and process starches ( fries, Mac and cheese, cookies etc) to the lowest amount possible which is 0. If you can’t do away with them completely then limited them to 1 meal a week. Eat all the bad stuff in one meal and be done with it for another 6 days.
3.) Start moving more when you would normally be relaxing. Active relaxing is listening to music and moving your arms, hands, hips etc. the key is to be more active in your resting state. 
4.) Try a new fitness routine – If you want to keep your weight off, a good fitness routine is all you need. Find something that you enjoy doing. I love to dance in my room for 45 mins straight which burns about 350-500 calories depending on my intensity. The higher the intensity the better for fast fat lost.
5.) Eat your veggies! Many people would say protein in the morning and veggies the rest of the day. I say protein and fruit/veggies in the morning and noon. Only veggies and protein at night.
Now that you know how to get started, join me in a healthier, happier lifestyle.
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