Feeding the family …

My next door neighbor’s son. He was always driving up late at night,drunk and stumbling into their house. He was supposed to go to college, but didn’t. He sat around, played video games, watched hetero porn, beat off and worked out in their garage. One day, he came over with his shirt off and asked if I needed anything done around the house. He had the weirdest grin on his face. I invited him in, and said, “Yeah, could you help me in the bedroom.” He sat on the bed and offered suggestions, “You need help relaxing?” I told him to shut up and get on top of me. I wanted him to fuck me like he’d never fucked a woman or another man. I told him I wanted him to make it seem as if he was deeply, deeply in love with me. I wanted him to look into my eyes as he slide in and out of my asshole. He obliged. As he started to climax, he said, “Mr. Wilson, I have always wanted to fuck you.”

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