Christopher Jarrett is not only our CEO/Founder but he is the heart and soul of His wisdom and thirst for knowledge has catapulted this brand over the top. From just a small blog on a social networking website, to creating a social online marketplace that is dominating the gay community!  His inspiration and ambition is not to be fucked with! His vision will live on through our company for generations to come.

Mission Statement

Hello, My name is Christopher Jarrett. I am the founder and CEO of Bottomology. We are an online eCommerce platform that is changing the world, by providing the LGBTQ… community an outlet to make their dreams come true. We have created a safe space for designers, entrepreneurs, hustlers and dreamers to sell, buy and exchange ideas. With so much adversity in the world, invites all to flourish and grow their businesses unfiltered and unapologetic. We need you and your vision matters! What is your dream?

Early Life

Christopher Jarrett comes from the hood! PERIOD! From East Cleveland, Ohio His up bringing included a lot of struggling and misfortune. However with a dream in his heart and one hell of a brain in his head! He went on to receive his degree in Criminal Justice which was bleek, so he decided to start his own business in 2013.


Christopher has a vision to build something incredible. As a black gay man he continues to break barriers with our brand. He is the heart and driving force to create a new safe space for the gay community. Bottomology gets better with time.


Bottomology is an online marketplace for adult gay people . Founded in 2013 by Christopher Jarrett, Bottomology is the only gay owned marketplace that matters. Not only do we sell our own quality products, we partner with vendors and our subscribers to sell unique and innovative products to the community. With a social network infrastructure, we make it easy to market, sell and connect with customers and other sellers.

Bottomology is partners with law enforcement and anti-slave task force. We are aiming to end sex trafficking within a highly at-risk community like ours. We are providing a safe way for the gay community to earn money. Lets level the playing field!

Bottomology has the highest security firewall similar to those of your bank or government website. We are trust worthy and honest, with total transparency into our business values and practices. We take a customer first approach to how we operate. Security is always priority.

We have a 24 hour response policy, you will have your inquiry answered within 24 hours Phone: 213.437.3445

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @ShopBottomology


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