Best 5 Ways to Become A Confident Bottom

Confidence is key!  But confidence is always  more or less depending on the situation. If you are comfortable in social situations then your confidence level will be high. If you hate doing public speaking, you may have difficulty feeling confident during a speech. Your comfort zone plays the most significant roll in your confidence. Here are 5 ways you can feel more confident in any situation:
1.) Try new things often – There is no better cure for lack of confidence than doing new things. You will find that your natural inner confidence will increase with every new adventure.
2.) Be clear on your intentions always- Your intentions matter a lot. If your intentions are to go shopping for a new home, set an intention after thinking about everything you want, then you will be feel confident in eluding sale tactics and other distractions. Having your intention clear in your mind at every waking moment will make you close to immortal 🙂
3.) Know and love what you look like – Make a list of all the positive physical aspects of yourself. Are you thin, are you fit or are you thick? Know and identify yourself and find reasons to LOVE how you look. You can make changes while loving yourself ” I am joyfully living and loving my body and I am eager to see what it can become”. This affirmation will get you light years further than being critical. Love thyself!
4.) Be In Your Bag Always!- Dress nice, work hard, bathe often, smile more and be on you shit! You will see a huge difference in your self-confidence.
4.) Release the need for other people’s approval – The approval of others was needed in your childhood, but not so much in adulthood. Sure you want to do a good job at work or make your family happy, but you can do both and not seek their approval. The more you know your worth, the less you’ll seek the approval of others.
5.) Be Nice to yourself- on the heels of loving yourself. You must talk nicely to yourself always! Other people will not be nice to you on demand, you have to be that for yourself. When you make mistakes, smile and forgive yourself. Give yourself the break you’ve been seeking from others. Stand up for yourself with a respect for the situation.
You are capable of feeling more confident if you follow the steps above! Work on one at a time and before you know if you’ll be the confident Bottom you’ve always wanted to be.
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