This episode wraps up the season as Alex comes face to face with what he really wants, a new relationship blossoms and the gang learns that some things in the past never truly die.

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Producers: David J. Cork, Ashton Pina, Glenn Quentin
Writer/Creator: David J. Cork
Director: Ashton Pina
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Gelhar
Actors: David J. Cork, Bianca Garcia, Glenn Quentin, Richardson Pierre, Tarion Taylor-Anderson and Krystina Bailey

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Powered by artists, BiUSTV is home of LGBTQ and human interest stories like Bi: The Webseries, The Brothers Texas, In The Paint and other cutting-edge films, web series, music videos and social events, to bring a unique perspective on underrepresented audiences and illuminate audiences to an engaging point of view on the human experience that will ignite social change.

The programming line-up features an unrivaled range of innovative material including: entertainment, lifestyle, short films; narrative and documentary, and original scripted and non-fiction content.

BiUSTV is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Creative Directors Ashton Pina and David J. Cork to cultivate a community of talented artists, support youth development, and celebrate cultural awareness through a new media channel that promotes equality and diversity.
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