Growing up, Harold Cottman was taught that being gay was worse than being a murderer and a fate worthy of death. It took Harold until medical school in the 1980s to come out to the embrace of his close group of friends – who also happened to be gay. While the next four decades weren’t always a cakewalk, living through racism, loss, and the HIV/AIDS crisis, Harold also managed to find love, joy and purpose as an out and proud gay man.

Story 1 – 0:08
1980s: Black Gay Man On Coming Out In The South: “While I Did Come Out, I Didn’t Really Feel Free.”

Story 2 – 7:45
Living In San Francisco In The 1980s: “That’s Where I Could Really Be Myself.”

Story 3 – 14:33
Gay Man Reflects On The Love Of His Live: “He Had A Burning Love For [Me] And He Let It Be Known.”

Story 4 – 22:38
1990s: From Combatting HIV/AIDS To Desegregating Bars, Black Gay Man Works To Better His Community.

Story 5 – 29:54
1980s-2000s: Finding An Oasis At The Russian River “Was Important For Me In Terms Of My Mental And Physical And Spiritual Health.”

Story 6 – 36:21
Living As An Elder In Philadelphia Today. “I Want To Let People Know And See What A Special Person I Am.”

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