You have to act different to attract different!🛎

Don’t let people who are stuck convince you that your change in attitude and behavior is fake or bad. They can’t figure out how to change so they hide under the guise of keeping it real or consistent. When they are real bitter and consistently miserable 🛎

CHANGE TF UP every-time you want some shit to change tf up in your life 🛎

The big “secret” is that it’s as easy as changing your mind About Yourself (Attitude, image, speaking voice, walk, views, religion, hygiene, relationships, jobs, social networks etc etc) first! Audition and rehearse the new you daily. 🛎

Once satisfied with your performance. You work on “Production” and connect the lines to material things and places (Cars, Clothes, businesses, trips and dicks etc. ) Write them down and talk your shit. “I look good in a white gold Rolex and even better in a Tesla S” or “I like big things, like big houses and big body cars amongst other big things. Because I am the big boss!” This will come naturally cuz you changed your mind about your self first as previously mentioned.

Next, God says “look at youuuuuaaa 🥰🥰🥰🥰” and moves the universe around within the midst of all of that! Be sure to thank your God concept for the daily progress and attraction even when it may not be visible to your eye. Not your business how it will happen anyway.🛎

Last, save your coin because the coin will be matched (coin attracts coin). Learn, buy and apply something new only if the numbers align (If it will make dollars this should make sense..pun intended ) ! Doesn’t matter if it’s just watching a short YouTube video, reading a book, purchasing a logo, a website, a new suit, tuition, hairstyle, stock or you study under warren buffet. No matter how small, the physical effort of moving transactional energy (money, focus and knowledge) is just to solidify the power of attraction. 🛎

After, do something fun to celebrate that baby step! When ole girl opportunity hears you celebrating enough of those small steps and rings your door bell, have that payment ready and turn up!

Long story long…change up yourself and then your environment. Keep saving your coins to be matched. When opportunity rings answers! And finally thank the universe daily!

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