Top 5 Rules For Gay Bottoms to Be Successful in Dating

So let's lay a few ground rules for being a successful bottom in dating 1.) Your business is your business - No one needs to know all of your business inside and outside the bedroom. 2.) Cleanliness is the only way - Hygiene is even more important for gay bottoms. Clean that body! 3.) Say no at least 3 times - If you are dating someone or being asked on a date, say no the first time. After a couple of dates, decline again. After you begun dating regularly, choose a random time to decline one last time. This will keep him on his toes and work for your time, but be strategic so he won't lose interest. 4.) Give it to yourself- always be on top of your game. Take him on a date often and show yourself that you don't need a man to complete you but to compliment you. 5.) Be happy - No one likes a bitter ass bottom. Smile and wink, be...


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