Lists of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and all other kinds of celebs working in the entertainment industry and in the public eye.

Celebs with LGBTQ+ Kids

Famous Bisexual Singers and Musicians

Gay Stars Who Took the Secret to the Grave

Gay Actors Who Played It Straight

Straight Characters Played by LGBT Actors

LGBT Celebs with Straight Exes

Stars Who Were Outed by the Media

Rappers You Didn’t Know Are Gay

Celebs Who Came Out in the ’80s

Celebs with LGBTQ+ Parents

Straight Celebs with LGBTQ+ Ex-Spouses

Athletes Who Finally Came Out

Celebs Who’ve Come Out Since 2000

Openly LGBTQ+ Athletes

Celebs Who Used to Be Anti-Gay

LGBTQ+ Royalty Throughout History

Lesbians with Ex-Husbands

Human Rights Activitists

Coolest Male Power Couples

LGBT Celebs with Same-Sex Spouses


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