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So to introduce this segment of writing, I am coming to you every so often to write about my journey as a Black Gay CEO.  Now noticed the order I wrote that title.

We will discuss that more later.  Honestly, I am very happy to express myself. This isn’t some way to get you to buy something from me, although you should bitch! I am so good at marketing right?

Anyways, the story begins in 2012 I was knee deep in college midterms and I was feeling a bit lonely. See I had been single for about 4 months at that point and I was trying out the celibate thing. That didn’t last very long as I was a hoe and hoe was life! Any who on this particular day, I’d walk to Vons grocery store. I was staying in a little studio right off the ocean in Downtown Long Beach, California. I had felt myself being tempted by the cuties on the side of the grocery store. It was summer time, about 87 degrees. I was had just lost weight and I was so lonely. I am kind of a hermit. I mean I do get out and show out, but I like my solitude. Kind of a Scorpio thing I guess, but I do try to have some social moments.  I had just walked in my house when my Grindr had make the little “Click Clank” sound. I looked down and to my surprise, it was someone who I really liked and had met already. A friend of a friend kind of situation. Well on this night I was considering being a bit naughty, and he had expressed that he wanted to smoke with me. A pot head and cutie, my soulmate. Well I wasn’t going to turn down some free weed. I was a broke college kid who did private investigating for work, busting bootleggers and creating cases for large companies.

I was getting my degree in Criminal Science so I was studying my ass off.  This guy had hit me up at the right time. I had just finished my last midterm for the summer, and I was going on a little break before the fall semester. He hit me up like when we smoking? I of course being a man of class and good manner said, give me like an hour! Boys, if a guy wants to come over always make him wait the golden hour.  Its your time to shit, shower and shave if need be. There is ALWAYS a need. After I was nice, clean and relaxed I invited him over and he admired my studio.  He kept saying, “damn this is nice!”  “You right here by the pike and the ocean.” I agreed yes its nice! Trying to play humble but I have not a humble bone in my body.  I was in love already. He was everything built like a GAWD! He had on a black tank top, basketball shorts and flip flops. Tops when you want ass, you love this outfit for some reason. Anyway, we talked for hours. He was an entrepreneur selling his clothing line that he and his brother had started.  His story was so inspirational and I felt the truth in it. You know, niggas be lying! But it was an authenticity and he drove a BMW. I was impressed! Young, hot and talented. I was so happy to have finally met someone who was worthy of my love cave. So after about 2 hours of chatting, he asked if I was hungry. I told him I could order something, but he wanted to go to Hamburger Mary’s down the street. We walked hand and hand. I was never big on PDA. My ex wasn’t either so I guess we had that working for us (nothing much else). I felt safe, he was masculine and outspoken.

Christopher 2012

Christopher Jarrett 2012

I felt good and DTLB is very gay friendly, so it was fine. We got to Hamburger Mary’s and it was pretty packed.  After all it was Friday night. The Drag show had just started and we sat in to watch. Then we sat at the bar and ate a lot of fried foods and laughed about a lot of random things. I had a margarita and he had a Jack and coke. We paid the tab, left and arrived back at my apartment about 10 minutes later. Back in my apartment he was a bit buzzed, so I felt like I could make my move. Yea I was the aggressive bottom and I go after what I want. Ask my current man, I don’t have time to play coy when I want the boy or the D.   Anyway, He said that he better leave. He was a slurring but I didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t drive. But of course hot and horny, I asked are you sure you can stay here tonight. He gave me a look and smiled. Naw, he said sounding tempted. I need to go so I can get up early and take my sister to the airport. Me not wanting to seem thirsty, I said okay well it was nice chilling with you, drive safely. He smiled and got up and stretched. I could see every piece and part of him and I was out of my mind aroused. I felt myself wanting to grab it, but I decided not to.

He walked slowly towards the door, and turned around. Damn you rude, he said. I was perplexed. You not even going to give me a hug good bye?  I said well I didn’t know if today went that well for you. He laughed and walked back towards me, and gave me a big hug. Then that awkward stare. I knew we were going to kiss, but I wanted to act uncertain.   He leaned in and kissed me, and I swore the world had stopped.  My young dumb crush spirit had come back and I was head over heels. He walked thru the door and I closed it behind him, not before saying bye like a little school girl.  I felt good and alive for the first time in months. But of course this is not the happiest ending, the next day I left my phone in the library and back then there were no backing up to the cloud in the capacity that we have now. He had vanished no way to remember his number and we didn’t follow each other on social media.  I’d hope for weeks that he’d just knock on my door. But then I thought that would be creepy, so I moved on. It wouldn’t be until 3 years later in 2015 I would see him out in West Hollywood. He saw me with my new love, and called out my name and I turned around to smile. My man at my side like who that, did you fuck him? I smile because I had not, and I really really would have.


Stay tuned for my next diary entry. I have some juicy moments as a traveling young bachelor. Until next time Les Cles!


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-Christopher Jarrett

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