So we’ve took time to discuss with people who identify themselves as a gay bottom. They stick to this sexual role and rather be classified as such. There are 3 types of bottom as below:


The Old Fashion Gay Bottom

You’ve been on 12 dates and the old fashion gay bottom still hasn’t let you hit! You done wined and dined him to the fullest. You’ve met his parents and they love you, but he keeps saying let’s wait. Other than the hand-job you got on date 4 you just not gonna get sexual. But keep holding on because that is some good booty! Show him some love and actual commitment and he’ll drop the draws in no time. The old fashion gay bottom is a tease but he is hubby material.

The Dominant Gay Bottom

There is a such thing of the gay bottom running the relationship, while the Top is the more submissive one. This may seem strange because being penetrated makes you the bitch, right? Wrong! What ever you thought you knew about gay relationships forget about it!

This is more common than what one may think. The preference of sexual pleasure should not determine your natural chemistry with someone. If you are naturally submissive, never feel compelled to be aggressive. You will never feel satisfied in your relationship. If you are a gay bottom who likes to run things, just find a Top who will let you.

What If I Fall In Love With A Dominant Gay Bottom and I am a Dominant Top?

If you happen to fall in love with a dominant gay bottom and you are a top, you must decide on the areas of compromise. Can he dominate somethings and you do the rest? You automatically dominate in the sack, let him dominate the finances or the house up- keep.

Whether you feel the need to tone down your dominant or submissive ways, never give up the true essence of who you are.


The Masculine Gay Bottom

So let’s get one thing straight. Bottomology never allows the shaming of gay bottoms of any background. We love, celebrate and embrace you fully and completely. But this is not the case with the entire community. A lot of Tops would say they want someone “masculine or masc”, which is perfectly fine. Our preferences are the things that define who we are. But preference by decision is valid, preference by scrutiny is bigotry. When you say ” masculine gay bottoms only” you are making a strong statement  of your preference. When you say “masculine only, if you a man act like one” or ” No fem acting dudes” you are now speaking like a true bigot. Stating your preference is 100% okay. But that should never make others feel bad for who they are. That is why you see the same people on Jack’d, Grindr and Bottomology. They are too busy fighting what they don’t want. They haven’t developed the mental capacity to only go after what they are looking for. The energy you put out is what you will receive back it is a universal law.

The Queen B-OTTOM or Submissive Bottom

You are loud and proud. Most likely to be more effeminate and flamboyant. You twirl and twist! You rather a relationship that models after our Heterosexual brothers and sisters. You want to be the submissive party and you want a real man to take control.

You are not slouch! You still handle your business, but you add a flare and twist to it. You my friend are the archetype for gay culture.


What type of Bottom are you? Please comment below!


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