Product Descriptions: Tips for Writing a Unique Product Description That Sells

Writing unique product descriptions for your Shopify store will help your customers make better buying decisions. When you write descriptions that connect with your buyer you’re making it easier for them to choose you over the competition.

Now you don’t have to re-write every single product description on your site, start with the top 20% of products you are selling. If that’s where the eyeballs are already going, rewriting those descriptions will be your easiest wins.

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Reminder: Real Businesses Take Real Work

Now something I should mention before we get into writing better product descriptions is real businesses take real work. What I mean by that is if you want to be one of people that actually excels in building an online business (one that you can live off of save for your future), then you actually have to do the work.

With dropshipping, a lot of people just think, “Oh, it’s so easy, I’m just going to build a store,  upload all the product descriptions from the supplier, and then I’m not going to have to touch anything and soon I’m going to be making all this money.”

And that’s just not how it works. There’s real work involved with building a highly-successful drop shipping business.

So in this blog post, I’m going to give you a high-level overview of what product descriptions will look like if you’re willing to take that extra step and actually build a store that has a chance at winning.

Tip: If your store has been up and running for a while, I suggest focusing on improving the product descriptions on your most-viewed products. Use Google Analytics to find out which pages get the most views.

What are Product Descriptions?

Below is a screenshot of a product page from one of our demo Drop Ship Lifestyle stores. The description, features, benefits, and even the product photos come straight from the manufacturer.

​Typically when you get approved with a dropship supplier, they’re going to give you either a CSV or PDF file with all the details. They’ll send over everything such as pricing, descriptions, image links, and specifics.

Now here’s the problem with that… While on one hand I’m grateful because this information is a great starting point, it is stock information.

It’s generic, everyone selling these products, all of the competitors, are using these descriptions!

If you copy and paste this product description into Google, you will find similar pages on competition pages like Home Depot, other dropshipping stores, and even Petco.

Having competition is fine if you’re planning on becoming an internet retailer for other brands. But one way to stick out from the competition is to use unique product descriptions.

Why are Unique Product Descriptions Important?

There are a few different reasons why you’ll want to write unique product descriptions. I just mentioned that it helps you to stand out from the competition, but there are a few other reasons you might not have thought of.

First, unique product descriptions are going to boost your conversion rate. When you’re rewriting the stock product descriptions, you’ll want to educate customers and answer any questions they might have about the product.

Following my method of dropshipping, most of the time, when people come to our stores, they’re very close to making a purchase and not just ‘window-shopping’.

Another big reason for unique product descriptions is Google. Google loves unique content.

If ​Google sees that several websites are selling a certain product, but your page is the only one with unique content then ​they’ll prioritize your site in the search results. Improve time on-page and bounce rate and Google will love your website even more!

To recap why writing unique product descriptions is important:
  1. Stand Out From The Competition
  2. Increase Conversions
  3. Better Educate Our Visitors
  4. Increased Organic Traffic

Tips for Writing Better Product Descriptions

1. Research to Find Out What Buyers are Saying

This is one tip that will come with time, but once you’re in business and converting visitors into customers, you’ll start to pick up on what customers are looking for in a product, and what are the common questions.

When writing your product descriptions gear the wording towards meeting the needs and answering the common questions. Below is an example:

If a common question is, “Can I take this pet stroller in the car?”, in the product description you write, “This pet stroller is a great way to take your pet on a long walk through the park, or even pack up to go on a shopping trip to the mall.”

​2. Work With What You Have

​3. Turn Features Into Benefits

When you’re improving product descriptions, one of the easiest changes you can make is transforming the features into benefits. As always, keep your customer, and what they would want, in mind.

Take a look at the list below and see how the before features were transformed into specific, detailed benefits.  

​That removable liner? That’s there to make the pet stroller easy to clean. Easy fold mechanism? That means you can pack it up and take it with you on the go. Small changes here can make a big impact on boosting your conversions.

4. Add an Authentic Touch

A great way to create a unique product description is adding a personal ‘Note From The Staff’. Now, you could use a person’s name instead of ‘staff’.

And when I say name, one thing I like to do is create a brand representative avatar. If this website we are using was a real example, I would probably use my own face and name, so it would say instead “A Note From Anton”.

​Y​​​ou shouldn’t make something up or pretend the product does something it doesn’t. The best way to come up with this part would be to use data and comments from customers. You could find these in product reviews, manufacturer notes, or other places online.

Either way, you definitely want to put your time into researching things like this when you’re rewriting your product descriptions. These personal touches really make a brand stand out. Most other drop shipping stores don’t do these things.

Doing this in your store however, will instantly connect your brand with the buyer.

​5. Include a Personal CTA

Finally, in your product description include a CTA (call-to-action) so visitors know what to do next. A simple sentence such as the example below is a great starting point:

​Tip: Now, for our businesses, when we’re rewriting product descriptions, I’m not usually the one that does this. In the beginning, I did everything myself, now I outsource tasks like these and I would recommend you do too, if you want to do it for a massive product catalogs. And a good way to do it is have your VAs do it in a Google Doc like this so you can review it from here. Once you sign off on it, they can move it over to your website.

​Recap ​For Writing Unique Product Descriptions

Again, this is a pretty high level overview of writing better product descriptions, but there are ideas in here that everyone can benefit from. To recap on the tips for writing product descriptions:

  1. Research to find out what buyers are saying.
  2. Work with what you have.
  3. Turn features into benefits.
  4. Add an authentic touch.
  5. Include a personal call-to-action

And I’m sure if you haven’t done any of the above yet, this blog post is a big wake up call and eye-opener to what you can do to instantly stand out, have Google rank you better so you have better traffic and have better buyers.

To recap, let’s take a look at the before and after of the product descriptions we re-wrote for the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller:

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