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Blatino Oasis has grown to become California’s largest gay and bi-sexual men of color getaway weekend, and one of only a few of the the world’s most popular getaways for gay men of color.

California is an amazing place, with over 37 million residents, it is the nation’s most populated state. I moved to California 25 years ago and am still in awe of its natural beauty, scenic landscapes, diversity of climates and people. The fact that you could be in the mountains skiing and then sun bathing or swimming and surfing at the ocean…on the same day is mind boggling!

California is the birthplace of the “Free Speech” movement and the Black Panther Party. We are the state where gay marriage was first legalized and home of America’s largest Latino population. California is a magical place that inspired men to create Hollywood and Disneyland . It is the birthplace of Silicon Valley, home to the most innovative high tech companies in the world, to include Google, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, EBAY, HP and so many more. We are a state of “out-side the box” & “open-minded” thinkers, trend setters, visionaries and dreamers.

In 2006, I was invited to Palm Springs to hang out with a friend and take a much needed rest. I discovered a beautiful and upscale tropical desert resort oasis, that is the legendary getaway to some of Hollywood’s biggest film icons. Palm Springs is a city where almost half the population is gay (the last two Mayors have been gay and one of them is black) and a place that is safer than most American and international destinations. I was blown away! Immediately after my weekend getaway, I began making plans to invite men of color from around the world to Palm Springs. The rest is history.

Since 2007, thousands of gay and bi men of color from around the world, who had either never heard of, or been to Palm Springs, return each year to reconnect with the tranquil, very gay friendly, fun vibe of the California desert.

If this will be your first trip to Palm Springs, we ask that you come with an open-mind. Leave your work and problems behind and prepare to enjoy Blatino Oasis at the level that feels most comfortable to you. No pressure just pleasure. In the spirit of those dreamers that came before us, we hope that our California dream will be your reality in 2013.

Thank you in advance for your support and I will see you in sexy and sunny Palm Springs!
Joe Hawkins​​​
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