Why Do Gays Catfish So Much?

What is the point of catfishing? I really do not get the appeal of it. For those of you that do not know
about catfishing, it was a term coined and made popular after a movie turned television show about
people getting on the internet pretending to be someone else. I simply do not understand the joy that
comes from being fake or a fraud. I just feel like it is a waste of everyone’s time. If one can be that crafty
to create a fake persona and back story in order to trap and dupe people, it would be best to pursue a
career in screenwriting or storytelling. It is horrible on dating/sex apps.

There is a huge difference between a catfish and a picture collector and that is simply due to the purpose or intent of the party.
One classic case of a catfish tale is the Nigerian Love Scam email. Basically, a man in Nigeria send a mass
email to people in many countries asking for money. The scammer is able to obtain a list of email
addresses because another scammer gathers tech waste, create a list and sell it to the scammer.

Eventually, the love scam claims a victim and the victim always sends thousands of dollars. Another
scam that took place was a college football player that said he had a girlfriend that he was dating for
several months, but never met her. Something happened to the girl, injury or death, and it had an effect
on him naturally. Somehow, the situation caused so much controversy, the player was on Dr. Phil.
Honesty is in fact the best policy because it saves time, energy and effort. I would love to ask a notorious
catfisher why they do it? Are they that bored in life the have to play games? It’s ok to be creative, just as
long as it does not result in a scam or catfish victim.

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