He Ain’t Got No Walls, Now What?

So you’ve met a cutie with a booty and you decide to hook up. While you are all on that ass you notice that the suction has decreased after just a few strokes. You might as well be throwing a pencil down a water well. Now what?
Honey leave that open space and find you a bottom with less bodies under her. His sexual activity is none of your business especially if you are not pursuing a relationship. You just know that the less it’s stretched the tighter it will be. Strong butthole suction should last at least 10 minutes.
If you are the no wall having bottom, you should be doing stair climbers and Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and return to a tight snatch!
If you are a bottom and have walls post a 🗝on your Bottomology.com profile wall 💋


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