So you had some rough sex and now you feel a stinging/burning sensation back there from an anal injury. You examined with sanitized hands and you discover a little tear or lump in your anus. Now what?

Disclaimer: It is best that you take a bath. Bathing is much more soothing to an anal injury than the rigid waterfall from a shower. Always check with your healthcare practitioner before doing anything  medically related.
  1. Sit in a warm bath for about 10 mins then wash as normal.
  2. When you exit the tub and dry off be gentle on the area.
  3. Once you are all dried off. Grab some topical ointment and apply it.
  4. Apply it again right before bed and when you wake up in the morning for 3 days only.
  5. After let your body naturally heal.
  6. Get at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. It will be uncomfortable at first, but after a few days the increased blood circulation will speed up healing.
  7. Get 7-9 hours of sleep to help repair the body effectively.
  8. Eat plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water, to keep bowels soft and to prevent further irritation.
  9. Use an enema bulb (very carefully) to clean the inside of your anus. Warm water and a few drops of apple cider vinegar will help speed the healing process. Be sure to lube the nozzle and the affected area well.
  10. Take a few days off from sex.  Use the time off to heal and repair your boy pussy.  We also recommend not using harsh soaps with a lot of fragrance (Axe). The more natural the better.
  11. Exercise the bootyhole muscle with Kegel exercises


Here are five ways you can prevent anal injury during anal sex:

  • Make sure that you are clean inside and out. Any fecal matter left in your rectum or anus can irritate and cause injury & infection.
  • Relax! If you are too afraid to get penetration then, you should wait until you are more sure. Confidence is always key to good anal sex and being fearful will only hurt you in the end (no pun intended). A little liquor could relax your quicker! (21 and up)
  • Guide his pace. Let him know that you need him to start easy (use the line “its been a while”).  If he speeds up past your comfort zone, make him slow down without fucking up the mood.
  • Get turned on! The more horny you are the more blood will surround your rectal and genital regions.  This will relax your nerves and muscles and prepare you for penetration. Your man should be making sure you are on fire and ready to go. Sex will feel so good once you are thirsty for the D.
  • Lube it up really well! It goes without saying that personal lubricant is the best thing to happen to anal sex. Use a lot of it and reload frequently.  If reloading screws up the mood, a hemorrhoid or tear will do worse! A lubricant injector will do you some good.

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