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How to bottom is one of the first things each gay man ponders once it is time to pop the cherry. It hurts in the beginning, and the experience can be quite discouraging. Well there could be a number of factors, today we will dive into the many factors of Bottoming. We hope by the end of the article you will be a Bottomology Pro!

Question: Should you keep quiet if bottoming is uncomfortable or he is doing it too rough / fast?

If you said yes, YOU ARE WRONG! Tell him to slow down next time. When a guy is well endowed he has the ability to massage the walls of your rectum. The slow thrusting of his dick will bring much more pleasure than someone who is speedily pounding you into the pavement. Unless, you are a PB (Power Bottom) a steady pace is best for bottoming. Define your Bottom policy. Slow and steady or rough and fast? Only, you determine your preference for sex!


5 Ways To Make Gay Anal Sex Better!

To improve how it feels when you are bottoming you must first understand your anatomy. The inside of your anus is filled with very sensitive nerves. Nerves that could either cause you great pleasure or great pain. When stimulated in the correct direct, and with minimal friction; you can feel an overwhelming amount of pleasure. However, if stimulated in a undesired direction, you may feel like your whole body will explode. So what can you do to improve the feeling? 

1.) Use your lube! – The key to good anal sex is to get rid of all of the friction. If it doesn’t feel slippery then you need to add more. 

2.) Know your anatomy- know how your individual plumbing works. Know how it turns and know what position causes positive stimulation. 

3.)  Size up or size down- yes having too small of a penis can cause some negative stimulation. A nice thick penis can give you the right amount of stretching and positive stimulation. Too big, and you’ll need diapers.

4.) Mind over matter- If you aren’t turned on and “hot and bothered” it’s is a high chance that anal sex will not feel good. Your Top should light your fire.

5.) Empty yourself – A full colon will cause unwanted stress and pressure on the rectum and anus. Make sure to have a full bowel movement at least 2 hours before sex . It will allow you to easily relax your inner muscles.

Detailed Cleaning For Those Preparing to Bottom


So a lot of people follow (unknowingly) a very destructive philosophy that more is better. However in the world of a bottom’s hygiene this is the antithesis of truth. 

It is important to be clean before bottoming and certainly this can be accomplished by using a fleet or enema device. The problem is when we use it more than once or twice right before sex.

Our anus tends to regulate itself quickly. Too much water will cause your anus to shed its lining which is important to protect the internal skin. When you use an enema excessively you are putting yourself at higher risk for bacterial diseases. Instead try this method:
1.) Stop eating up to 2 hours before sex.

 2.) Have a full and complete bowel movement.

3.) Use no more than 5 oz of warm water and douche once or twice if necessary.

4.) Bathe or shower regularly.

5.) Relax for about 15 mins before sex.
Now you are on the right path of hygienic sex. Be safe and enjoy!

How To Find Your G-Spot when Bottoming

So you want anal sex to be very pleasant but you have yet to find that spot, other bottoms talk about so much. Your top(s) are very good but sometimes they need direction.  


Before you show them the correct position to hit your g-spot spend some alone time with a toy. Soon you will be able to find it instantly and guide the guy to do the same. It will feel like electricity shocks all over your body. This is followed by a relaxing of the anal sphincter, then an opening of the rectum. This is when you go in slut mode! Throw that ass back baby!

How To Repair A Damaged Anus?

Anal fissures (tears) can be sp painful. But why do we  get them, and how can we prevent them? Below we will explain why this occur and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

One word stress, aka tension. When having a bowel movement and anal sex, stress is your worst enemy. When you are clinching and squeezing your love cave, you are much more susceptible to anal injuries like anal fissures and hemorrhoids. 

Anal fissures occur when friction is high and there is no flexibility in the anal canal. Little microscopic tears will occur in the anal wall. Most commonly in the area towards your back. 

To prevent this from happening you first have to identify the culprit. If you developed anal fissures or hemorrhoids from a bowel movement  you should add more fiber to your diet.

Softening the stool will make it easier to pass. Also relax, relax, relax! This is also a key component when having anal sex. Hemorrhoids and tears happen when you are too tense and there is a lot of friction. Also moistening the love cave will protect you from these ailments by eliminating friction. 

Now if you are on the road to recovery we first recommend that you go see a medical professional if that will work best for you.

Bonus Tips to Becoming Great At Bottoming

Mind Over Matter

This is the secret to taking a big hard cock in the ass much easier. Meditation is a great way to prepare your mind prior to having sex. Once you meditate you can smoke a joint or have a shot to loosen up your muscles. She it’s time for him to penetrate, inhale fully and exhale. By inhaling and exhaling your body will open up every cavity and relax your mind.

Your mind is the only thing causing any discomfort. 
Calm your mind, calm your body. Now watch as taking the D becomes much more easier. Once it’s in, appreciate it. Think thought like, ” this feels amazing”. While it may not at first, if you tell yourself that it does over and over again while deeply breathing it will feel better and better!


Feel Sexy

Less clothes the better ! From butt naked to just a easy iron button down shirt, you can easily entice him by showing that skin he loves and loves to be in.

Set The Mood

Set the muthafuckin mood! Clean up, wash up and get out the smell goods. Your overall objective here is to relax him and get him hot! Candles and soft music is an easy way to do so! The Bottom him to oblivion!

Make Eye Contact

 Look him in the eye. Men are like puppies. They are all over the place until you grab their undivided attention. When you speak to him look him in the eyes and SMILE ! There is nothing sexier to men then a smile on that mug!

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