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We do not deny that witchcraft, voodoo, energy work and NS are foreign to anyone. The idea of doing a ritual like a gay love spell, which is saying some affirming words and phrases to create an outcome, would have anyone spooked. However, you do it everyday when you post on social media, write a letter, cast a vote, spell your name, sing a song, quote anything. We are constantly using our words and actions to manipulate the world around us. Witchcraft, Voodoo, Sorcery and NS are just more focused ways to do the same things we do daily. Energy work as a whole is a much more expansive means to maneuvering our reality. Do you believe in magick? Which states you can use your emotions, words/thoughts and actions to bend reality. If so then you are really going to enjoy this spell.



  • A photo of yourself (Printed )
  • Something valuable to you (jewelry, glasses, car keys, etc)
  • A Quartz crystal (Any crystal will do if you charge it with loving energy)
  • A red pen
  • A piece of paper

Step 1

Write on your paper: To find true love pure and complete.

Step 2

Flip the paper and draw a heart.

Step 3

Fold the paper 5 times and with each fold say out loud: “Behold the fold! Let this come to past 5 times faster”

Step 4

Place your photo, crystal, valuable and the folded paper in a row. This should be done on a night stand or a safe place because every morning you will bless each item with gratitude.

Step 5

For 30 days you will wake up, while holding one of the items (rotate them daily), smile 😊 and say the following:

“I give thanks for he / she / they who come with blessings in a row. His/ Her/ Their Love to match my own inside. This is how I’ll know true love resides.”


The outcome will be amazing! You will see signs of true love all around you. And it will start with your love of self. Then you’ll notice more people attracted and gravitating towards you. Next people who you never knew liked you will be shooting their shots. Finally you will find the top pick of men to date and connect with your true love.

Parting Tips

  1. This spell is based on a universal law that states, what we feel on the inside will be a direct match to what we experience on the outside.
  2. Work on self-love and feeling love for the world around you. This will increase your attraction power 100x faster.
  3. Be safe when going on dates. Use your best judgment. Bring one of the items with you, as it will have filtering and protection powers.


The Bottomology Council of New Sorcery ♦️♠️

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