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How To Look Slimmer In Your Selfies!

So you put on a few pounds and your starting to look a little puffy in your selfies. While dropping 15lbs would be your remedy, you can still enjoy taking photos if you use a little manipulating of your angles and lighting.
1.) Fine Direct lighting – Draw an imaginary  straight line up and down your body and the a horizontal line where your face, chest, stomach etc (depending on the photo) is. Where the vertical meets the horizontal is where your light should hit. This will illuminate the correct areas of your body and darken the lumps, puff and rolls with the shadow around it.
2.) Pose Bitch – Finding your angles takes time. Spend 20 minutes a day for 3 days practicing your angles. Take photos and find which angles make you look thinner, bigger and more muscular.
3.) Color is Key – Contrasting colors work best- Black pants  will make you look smaller and so will a black shirt. But if you are wearing all white, find a dark/ shadowy background to contrast your shape. You will find that a lot of photographers use contrasting colors to create a fine cut out of the subject.
These tips are used everyday in the world of photography. Learning your angles, wearing the correct color clothes and good lighting will always make you look thinner in your photos. But don’t settle for smoke and mirrors! This whole month we are teaching you how to lose weight and get snatched!  Sign Up Here!
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