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How To React If Your Bottom Paints On You

Tops or those who top we are talking to you today. So you’ve been excited to get some cakes and the guy you decided to poke has made a mess on your love stick. Now What? Okay first, as gross as it is, do not flip out! Run and clean yourself off and take a few deep breaths:
1.) Your bottom didn’t mean to! It was not his intention to paint on you.
2.) It is an ass after all. Just because we want to use it for multiple reasons, and stick multiple things in there it is what it is. A butt! And we know what comes out of there.
3.) Refer your Friend to he will learn how to prepare for anal sex! Save the next Top from goin thru this. We will teach him the ways of Bottomology.
It’s all good though, next time make it known to the bottom that your bathroom is available and even give him a wash rag and towel. If he’s a Bottomology expert  he will get the hint!
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