Now and days, eCommerce is a billion-dollar industry with many different methods of making money! Selling feet pics and videos are just two of the fun ways to earn money online and fulfill a need for fetish photos. Unfortunately, not many online marketplaces allow this type of content as it is a gateway that may signal adult material which is prohibited on all major selling platforms. The good news is we are going to tell you where and how to sell feet pics online free of cost and easily.

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online?

You could build your own website and pay for the overhead and technical engineering with Shopify or WordPress (WooCommerce). This will run you at least $50 / month not to mention all the fees to get established as a legal seller. You could also, post an ad on Craigslist, but most will get deleted as there are no real categories to post such a product under. So where can we sell our precious soles photos on the web? Right here, on! An adult marketplace, that allows users to sell photos, videos, physical items, music and much more! Use sexy marketing tactics like posing nude on the couch that you are selling. Make a hot video with the underwear you want to auction. We are a gay brand but open to everyone! In no time you can sell your feet pics and earn cold hard cash in your PayPal or Apple pay accounts.  It is much easier than you would think. Go and grab a pen and notepad as we explain how to sell feet pics online in our marketplace.

How to Sell Feet Pics and Videos Online?

  • Take High Quality Photos – You need to show depth, angles and the aesthetics of your feet. No one wants a flat shot in a dark photo. Use great lighting and a high-quality camera! If you have an iPhone or Samsung phone, you are in luck! Add watermarks with an identifier (code, symbol etc.) so no one can download your photo for free. We automatically add a watermark for every photo uploaded on our platform, but for extra security add your own. If you do not want to post the foot photo upfront on the ad, a Face photo will suffice as well. You can bait them and say something like “I’ll show you my feet for a fee”.

  • Decide How You Want to Sell – On Bottomology, we allow auctions where you can set the starting bid low and let users bid it out! We also allow you to simply sell the photo as a product in the marketplace. In the menu, click Key-Holders Portal. Choose Products or Auction from the red drop-down menu.

  • Write the Title and Description – This is the most important part of the process. Spin the most time on this as you want an eye-catching title and an arousing description to persuade your potential buyers. Don’t hold back! They want to know your sexy thoughts! Make sure you include the word (Stock) in the title and description if you are allowing multiple people to buy it. That way no one thinks they have the rights to the photos exclusively.
  • Upload Your Photos! – Remember every photo you want to sell must have several water marks throughout it. You can use a simple website like for a free option.

  • Adding Your Price /Starting Bid- Be ambitious or start low until you get a feel of how many buyers are interested.
  • Publish and Promote – Now that you have all your information for the product ad, its time to go live! Publish to the Marketplace! Share your posting on all social media platforms. Find Foot Fetish Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, and forums to post your link in. Use Foot fetish hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Send link to kinky foot freaks by direct messaging them. You will find that many people will buy your photos quickly and want more from you.


Now that you know how to sell your feet pics and videos online what are you waiting for? 99% of you will not act and lose out on easy money. Why should it be you? If you need help, please email us at [email protected] or post your questions in the comment section below.

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