How To Spice Up Your Gay Relationship

So you’ve been in a relationship for awhile and the fire just isn’t on Inferno like it used to be.  The passion isn’t there and you want to get things moving between you and your love. Well we are here to help! Here are 3 ways you can immediately improve your love life:
1.)  Take a few days to yourselves – Go at least 3 days without speaking. That means absolutely no communication. This will allow your energies to reset and not be tangled up. You’ll find after the 2nd day you’ll be a little anxious to see your boo.
2.) Get Nasty, Get Creative- Find a dark space in your car garage or somewhere legal and safe to get it on! A change in location is often all you need to spark the flame. The more you and your boo get out of your comfort zones, the more exciting your love life will be.
3.) Be sexy to feel sexy – Wear your best on your next date. Dress as though it is the 1st date and you need to make a strong impression. This sudden spike in your sexiness will cause your partner to do the same. He will work hard to impress you, as you’ve impressed him. This goes for the bedroom as well. Lingerie, sexy underwear and great hygiene is all it takes to change a mundane experience into a hot night of romance. You can get sexy lingerie at we personally recommend it!
Now that you know how easy it is to spice up your relationship, go get all cleaned up and call your man!
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