My Man Won’t Lick My Butt? What Should I Do?

So during the past couple of years Bottomology has talked about people who choose to limit themselves sexually.
Bottoms complain that the tops they’ve come across don’t eat the booty like groceries.  Well I’ll say this, stop complaining and find one of the many that will.
You may be in a relationship with one who does not. What now you say?
Well here’s the thing, how long into the courtship phase did you go before you knew this? Usually within a month or so of dating you would know this. So if you are far along, you waited too long to have an issue with this.
Discuss it with you partner and see if he’d be willing to try it. If not weight your relationship goals against what you have now and decide if you should stay or go. You may be able to persuade him into eating the cake.
Make sure it is squeaky clean and smells amazing. Get him a little tipsy and very horny. He may slip up and do something he’ll be proud of later.
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