Piece of Meat | Diary of A Black Gay CEO

So below is a poem I wrote 7 years ago I haven’t written much since college but I may have to revisit:


I’ve allowed myself to be a piece of Meat.
fresh from the market on 34th street.
No wrapping, consealing to keep my freshness.
Not appealing in the morning just breakfast.

Christopher 2011

I’ve allowed myself to be used and worn down.
spread like gossip around gorge town.
seeing me in the twinkle of every mans eyes.
the wetness of his lips, the bulge in between his thighs.

Now that I have grown and find value of my merchandise.
No longer wanna put a for rent sign on my forehead.
Still dealing with the same kinda consumer.
only thing on his mind is how to get more head.

But I’ll stand here and tell you today.
the goodies have been put away.
the buttons have latched, and zipper has fasten.
the chasity belt has been latched up with class.
no I am no longer just a piece of ass.
but I am rumors through hall ways.
I am crisp like freshly opened wine.
my goods are refreshed and gets better with time.
I am a sunday morning conversation at the metro green line station.
smile electrifying that lights up a nation.
no longer just a tingly sensation.
but motivation to my love ones to see a new day in a new way.
I am thick in all the right places,
but only for one love, one bread winner of all races.
I am clean clothes drying ready to be folded.
no longer am I just a class act that you can tap,
But I am precious gold from cape town ready to be melted and molded..
I am showing up for Chris each and everyday.
I stand strong, and centered, solid when the winds tries to sway.
I have options, I am positivity in a vneck and jeans.
I am a garnmet sewn together with felled seams.
nourishing to the soul sweet and a satisfying treat.
I declare that I am no longer just a piece of meat.


Stay tuned for my next diary entry. I have some juicy moments as a traveling young bachelor. Until next time Les Cles!

XoXo 💋

-Christopher Jarrett

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