Sell online “The Sexy Way” means just that the sexy way. is a LGBT + All platform that encourages freedom of expression in any way. To secure this we only allow users who are 21 years of age and older to sign up. This is because we want an open atmosphere from the most holy to the most naughty! Why should you sell and buy on The answer is simple, we won’t ban you for obscenity. While of course you must operate within the constraints of the law, we only restrict illegal activity. Oh, and make no mistake we have a super hero level team combing through data daily for prohibited activity. Otherwise, show your nuts and sell a sofa! Bottomology is a safe and secure place for our community to meet other business minded and creative people, while earning some dough. Earn by selling your clothes online! Or maybe selling your famous hot sauce. The world is quickly changing and having a “side hustle” is something all smart divas have. is here to show you a few ways to earn some cash on our website:

3 Ways to earn money on Bottomology

1.) Sell your own products or used items online- Have some cute ass boxers that are now a bit over-stretched? Well there are freaks on the internet that are willing to buy them. Pair a hot photo of yourself in them and tadddaaa! You have a sell! You can also sell your clothes online as well! is the platform that makes it easy! Promote your link to the product on your social media and tell everyone you know who’s obsessed with you. Earn money easily if you have over 200 followers. Post your first product here!

We also have an auction feature to die for!

2.) Hold An Auction – So you want to see how much your name holds weight? Auction those smelly gym socks the pervs in your comments so eagerly as for. You will not miss them and a $1 auction can quickly turn into a $200 payout! The bids will role in when you promote your link! So hit up your fans! Post your first auction here

3.) Help a Brother Out with Affiliate Sales – Earn 25% of each sell you help someone get automatically. Each Keyholder will be notified that this is an affiliate sale and they can expect a 25% reduction to their revenue. No worries, each Keyholder has the option to block affiliate sales for specific products. Visit our affiliate center here and sign up with your paypal email! Find a product and copy the link and generate your affiliate link! Every sale from this link will result in a 25% commission straight to your Pay-pal in 7 business days!

Common Questions

  1. When Can I cash out my referrals / affiliate balance?  – $25 and up! It’ll help us all avoid processing fees.
  2. How old do I have to be to become an affiliate or sell online? – 21 and up (no babies!)
  3. What is the commission rate? If someone becomes an affiliate ($0.20 and soon you will earn 2% of their sales). If someone buys a product from your referral link then its 25% of the sell!
  4. Is this a sex site? We use sex to sell awesome products, you can too!
  5. How do we get paid? – Once you reach $25 you can cash out and money goes straight to your PayPal account!
  6. Once I cash out, how long does it take for funds to appear in my PayPal account?  1 to 3 business days max!
  7. I need more help, where can I contact you? 
    1. The red facebook messenger button on the bottom of the screen
    2. Email: [email protected] (Include your account email, Username)
    3. Call: +1(213)-437-3445
    4. Instagram: Bottomology
    5. Twitter: @ShopBottomology 
    6. Help and Support Portal

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