Six Scary Gay Stories for Pride with Mortis Media

I am joined by my good friend Mortis Media to tell you 13 stories for Pride Month. The six on my channel tell these stories. First, a friendship may turn suicidal. Then, someone gets a very weird drink. Then, two young girls begin to fall for each other. Next, we have a story of a very strange date when a young man goes to visit an online friend in college. Sometimes, a pizza delivery can go bad, even for gay drivers. And finally, a fear of heights is exploited.

Please go to this link to see the second half of this collaboration. The link is also included in a card and at the end of this video.

The Killer Orange Cat Subreddit is a small subreddit. But please join and help me make it active! Follow this link to read the stories!

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“Dan” by John K
“Bloody Drink” by Anonymous
“Mandy” by Angie H
“Strange Date” by Adam C
“Pizza” by Kyle K
“Balcony” by Anonymous

Have a story you’d like narrated on killer orange cat? If the story is original, please email it to [email protected]

All pictures are from and used in accordance with their licensing agreement.

The closing video plus the videos for “Dan,” were filmed by Jacob Fox and are property of the channel Killer Orange Cat. The videos used for are from and used in accordance with their liscening agreement.

The logo is by Monique Inquez

Yabba Dabba Dru!

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