Top 3 Ways To Know If Your Great at Bottoming

So when your love cave is good! You my friend are great at bottoming!  You have a power over some men to make them do what ever you want. These are 3 sure signs that you are great a bottoming and may not know it:
1.) He calls/texts you right after he leaves every-time.
    a. He cant get enough, and already want to plan to get more. That call/text is him reserving your time!
2.) He actually wants to take you out and show you off.
     a. Next comes the flex. He wants the world to see his new treasure chest.
3.) He catches feelings ..yikes!
     a. I hope you made it clear if you wanted more than sex! If not, you may have a problem. That ass is a man catcher! Keep reminding him that its just a good time, unless you are ready to date.
Now don’t mistake this for love, men can act very similar out of lust instead of love. So keep your head on straight and keep giving them that good stuff!
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