When Should Gay Men Get Married? This question has nothing to do with age or status. But there are 5 things to consider before tying the knot with your boo!

Gay men, please only get married if you have met the following criteria:
1.) You deeply and unconditionally love each other – You have seen the good, bad and ugly a few times and he still makes your heart sing!
2.) You have lived together for at least 1 year – Living together is very difficult. Merging space and living strategy will make or break you. Be sure you are able to do it with that person.
3.) You have been together for over 2 years – Time matters! We all evolve over time, allow some time to see what you both become. Who you are on day 1 will not be the same at day 724! Make sure the growth is in the same direction.
4.) You can tolerate each other’s family – This is a big one! Do you tolerate each others original tribe? If not this may cause some friction for years. Do not marry into madness, always take his family into consideration.
5.) You are financially able to take care of yourselves and each other if need be – Economy, death in the family etc. There will be highs and lows financially for one, the other or both of you. Be prepared and make sure you have a Plan A – F before making it permanent. 60% of all marriages end due to lack of planning for financial hardship.  Have the conversation early into the relationship.
These are basic ground rules for gay men to follow when thinking about tying the knot. Please comment if you have more things to consider!
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