Dear Cles,

So Bottoming hurts and you know it. You are tired of people telling you to relax and to use more lube. Bitch! We do that shit! Well here are 5 tips you never heard of that will change your life!


1.) Get clean! – Aint nothing more discouraging than feeling unclean during sex. Soak, fleet, wash, rinse and repeat and your chances of having relaxed sex increases 25%

2.) Try a Toy 1st – Bottomology encourages using a small toy like our stage 1 dildo for practice until it feels good to use.  It will create a cellular memory in body, and your anus will be able to open up much more easily.



3.) Use a muscle relaxer – We aren’t talking about a pill but a shot of liquor! A few shots of henny or vodka will have you feeling loose and ready to spread your caboose!

4.) Get hot and horny – The more blood flow to your genitals the better. Watch your favorite porn and  touch yourself for a little while before sex. You will find yourself doing things you shouldn’t regret.


5.) Embrace the pain –  Ever saw some weird guy getting his nipples pinched with a clothes line clamp? Well when you embrace pain it tricks your mind to release a natural pain killer. But if it still hurts when you try to embrace it, it may be a sucky top!


So get you someone who can fuck you right!


Now that you know the true tea of bottoming, get her started! We do not claim or give any medical advice so of course, seeing a doctor first should provide you with some dos and don’ts hey if your doctor is cute, fuck him too!





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