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5 Tips to Make Anal Sex Hurt Less

As a gay bottom slutty whore you have probably felt the pain and discomfort of anal sex.  As a matter of fact, our golden honor comes when we figure out how to make it less painful and then we become Veterans when we finally figure out how to make it feel divine! Anal sex is an important part of a homosexual relationship. Its how we connect/hook up and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But please heed my words that we only promote safe play! Lets protect ourselves with condoms and check in at your clinic frequently if you are active.  Now that we got business out of the way, lets have some fun! Here are 5 ways to make anal sex more pleasurable.

5 Ways to Make Anal Sex Better

  1. It’s all in your Head Boo! – Your sexual organs are connected to the part of your brain that creates the flight or fight response.  So it is important that you are relaxed and horny as hell! Anal sex pleasure is also connected to your sexual organs. This means you have to figure out a way to rev up your engine. Especially, if you are a self-starter.  Your man may be able to get things started for you fine, but us boss bottoms know; you can’t depend on a man for anything.
  2. Clean thyself out! – “Cleanliness is next to divinity” – some insightful bitch  You may way want to take head to these words as it would make you feel more safe and secure to be clean. We recommend using a semi-disposable enema system. It is easy to clean, and the insertion will actually prepare you for bottoming! Shower and shave as needed and your 2/5th of the way there!
  3. Your Play = Foreplay – Massaging your hole and using a dildo is probably a good thing for you to do 30 minutes to 2 hours before anal sex.  Having elasticity  in your anus will make the beginning stage much easier. Use this as a time to turn yourself on. It will not only make the real thing more pleasurable, but it will also make you feel more confident.
  4. Cake is For Eating – Pseudo science says that if he eats it, it opens more. Most of us know from experience that if he eats it RIGHT then it opens more. Guide your man to eating it in a way that opens and relaxes you. Eat his too and watch how turned on you’ll be. Caring is sharing and at this point, the sex will be amazing!
  5. Slow and Steady Wins- When he slows down and grind, it always feels better. This is because the motion of a slow grind is stimulating to your rectum. While rough sex is good for the power bottom, slowing down is essential to having a good anal sex experience. Something you and your partner can practice is acceleration and deceleration. This is when you start very slow and speed up gradually to a point, then gradually slow back down until climax. This will put you in the law of motion! Which causes the sexual energy to intensify. Hints why some have better orgasms than others. Its usually because they are naturally following this method.
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