Money is something we all need. No matter where you go your bank account is open for draining.  So how do we balance what flows in versus what we spend. Okay so first make sure you have a full knowledge of where you are financially. How much do you owe? How much are you owed? How much do you have?  Once you are fully aware of your financial situation you can begin using the law of attraction like a GPS to get you where you want. Need more money? How does more money look like? What would you buy with it? How often would it come in? Define the improved conditions and affirm that your current condition is just a product of past thoughts and habits.
 Affirm that new conditions are now your life’s experience. Now be someone with more money. You don’t have to do anything yet just pretend like you are someone who makes and manages more money very well. When you receive money, appreciate it and assign it to something! Never keep unassigned money. Put it in a savings if you wish to hold on to it but assign a place for it immediately. Law of attraction loves clarity and the more clear you are where your money is going to, more will flow in for those specific reasons.
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