Gay people are some of the most colorful, intelligent, and fabulous people on the planet. The only reason you feel insecure around other gay people, is that you still have not accepted the fact that you are gay completely. While you may know you like two dicks and a tongue for brunch. The complexity of gay culture is still a bit too much for you. Therefore, you don’t know where on the spectrum of gayness you fit in. Here are three ways you could feel more comfortable around other gay people now:

1.) Homosexuality vs Gay

We know that being a homosexual does not automatically mean that you are going to embrace gay culture. Embracing our sexuality versus embracing gay culture is two total separate things. Sexuality is to whom we are attracted to and how we express that as an individual. Culture is how many people of a similar background celebrate and embrace who they are. Embracing one’s sexuality is difficult in itself. But to then celebrate it amongst others is the next level. And the gays know how to party DOWN. So first tip would be to know that who you love is totally okay! You are perfect the way you are as a same gender loving person. Learn to love yourself honey, because we live in a world that reflects exactly what people feel about themselves.


2. Get Out of Your Head and Out of Your House

Getting out the house and actually being among those who are gay; will open your eyes to the wide spectrum of what being gay really means. Going to gay clubs and gay bars; is the fastest way to see how fun being gay can be. The level of freedom, inhibition and celebration in the atmosphere is magical. The vibes are always there and it is mostly a good time. If you have a bad experience try a different place next time. Your energy will evolve and you’ll be mindful of what vibe you are feeling within the gay world.

3. Throw a Shade or Two

While we don’t condone being a messy bitter bitch, throwing Shade sometimes is a way to sharpen your claws within gay world. We all do it whether we mean to or not. Being able to throw shade within a conversation amongst the gays is something to be proud of. Don’t hit below the belt or be insensitive to someone’s pain. But a few pokes when the queens start to keke never hurt nobody! The more you are around it the more you’ll get used to it. But if being shady isn’t for you there are plenty of gay people who think they’re mother fucking Theresa. Find your crowd and your place to feel more secure.

Overall, if you want to feel secure and comfortable around gays you need to accept yourself and others, learn the parts of the culture that feels best for you and get around the community to sift and sort. Join to do just that! We have groups and private chat ♥️♠️♣️♦️

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