Why Won’t My Boyfriend Change?

Feeling stuck in a relationship with someone who has all of these annoying traits? You talk, you badger, you out now say you suck!! But still no change and guess what he shouldn’t change.
Now you are ready to leave this post but take this into consideration. We all have our separate individual purpose for being here on Earth.
Our personality traits wanted and unwanted, favored and not favored are all apart of the package we need to live joyously in this world. Asking someone to change even a little bit of who they are is asking too much and the universe will not allow it.
So now what you say? Well think about it.  You only have control over yourself and how you feel. You don’t go to a buffet and demand they get rid of everything you do not like.
 You shouldn’t ask a person who variety of traits are like a buffet to get rid of their unwanted traits to make you feel better. Instead focus on the traits you do like or focus on finding a new buffet.
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