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5 Grooming Tips Every Gay Bottom Needs to Know!

Gay Bottom Grooming 101 Some of you gay bottoms stink, we’re just saying. That’s okay, until now you haven’t understood the importance of grooming and good hygiene. But it could affect your self confidence, your professional and personal life.  A well groomed person is one who loves themselves. Here are a few steps to improving […]

5 Tips To Start Weight Loss Today

So I’ve been on a two year journey to lose weight and while I’ve lost and gained the same 10lbs 100 times. I’ve finally discovered the key to weight loss. Here are   5 ways to begin losing weight today. 1.) Get 3 liters of water in – Drinking this much water will signal to […]

How to Sell Feet Pics Online and Earn Money Fast!

Introduction Now and days, eCommerce is a billion-dollar industry with many different methods of making money! Selling feet pics is just one of the fun ways to earn money online and fulfill a need for fetish photos. Unfortunately, not many online marketplaces allow this type of content as it is a gateway that may signal […]

5 Tips to Make Anal Sex Hurt Less

As a gay bottom slutty whore you have probably felt the pain and discomfort of anal sex.  As a matter of fact, our golden honor comes when we figure out how to make it less painful and then we become Veterans when we finally figure out how to make it feel divine! Anal sex is […]

How You Can Meet Your Bottom Line In 2019💋

Everybodies Broke! Especially in the gay community. This is why we are here to provide a platform that allows you to earn money at your own time.  It is much more simple than you think. We will be your “Motha” and teach you the ends and outs of business, love and lifestyle 🙂 Bottomology Gay […]

Top 3 Ways To Know If Your Great at Bottoming

So when your love cave is good! You my friend are great at bottoming!  You have a power over some men to make them do what ever you want. These are 3 sure signs that you are great a bottoming and may not know it: 1.) He calls/texts you right after he leaves every-time.   […]

What Type Of Bottom Are You? The 4 Common Types of Gay Bottoms in The Gay Community

So we’ve took time to discuss with people who identify themselves as a gay bottom. They stick to this sexual role and rather be classified as such. There are 3 types of bottom as below:   The Old Fashion Gay Bottom You’ve been on 12 dates and the old fashion gay bottom still hasn’t let […]

Top 5 Rules For Gay Bottoms to Be Successful in Dating

So let’s lay a few ground rules for being a successful bottom in dating 1.) Your business is your business – No one needs to know all of your business inside and outside the bedroom. 2.) Cleanliness is the only way – Hygiene is even more important for gay bottoms. Clean that body! 3.) Say […]

Top 5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Married | Gays Must Read!

When Should Gay Men Get Married? This question has nothing to do with age or status. But there are 5 things to consider before tying the knot with your boo! Gay men, please only get married if you have met the following criteria: 1.) You deeply and unconditionally love each other – You have seen […]

Best 5 Ways to Become A Confident Bottom

Confidence is key!  But confidence is always  more or less depending on the situation. If you are comfortable in social situations then your confidence level will be high. If you hate doing public speaking, you may have difficulty feeling confident during a speech. Your comfort zone plays the most significant roll in your confidence. Here […]

Is Nudity Considered Porn?

So if you’ve been online and not a complete square, you’ve probably seen the  protest that nudity should not be grouped in the same category as porn. The reason behind it is that our human body is natural and shouldn’t be sexualize or made out as something vulgar. While we must be nude to have […]

He Ain’t Got No Walls, Now What?

So you’ve met a cutie with a booty and you decide to hook up. While you are all on that ass you notice that the suction has decreased after just a few strokes. You might as well be throwing a pencil down a water well. Now what? Honey leave that open space and find you […]

How To Look Slimmer In Your Selfies!

So you put on a few pounds and your starting to look a little puffy in your selfies. While dropping 15lbs would be your remedy, you can still enjoy taking photos if you use a little manipulating of your angles and lighting. 1.) Fine Direct lighting – Draw an imaginary  straight line up and down […]

How To React If Your Bottom Paints On You

Tops or those who top we are talking to you today. So you’ve been excited to get some cakes and the guy you decided to poke has made a mess on your love stick. Now What? Okay first, as gross as it is, do not flip out! Run and clean yourself off and take a […]

How To Spice Up Your Gay Relationship

So you’ve been in a relationship for awhile and the fire just isn’t on Inferno like it used to be.  The passion isn’t there and you want to get things moving between you and your love. Well we are here to help! Here are 3 ways you can immediately improve your love life: 1.)  Take […]

How to Maintain a Low-Sugar Diet

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t enjoy munching on sugary treats? Growing up, we are fond of…

5 of the Best Indoor Plants for Men

There are many benefits of inviting living plants into your house, apartment, or place of business….

Nugenix Supplement – Does It Really Work?

Nugenix bills itself as the #1 selling men’s vitality product at GNC stores. Chances are, you’ve…


Title: Symphony Writer: Christopher Jarrett Introducing Bottomology Manifest! If you are an artist and would love to share something special we will showcase on our Marketplace and help you raise $$ please send a message we let’s keke 💋🗝

Piece of Meat | Diary of A Black Gay CEO

So below is a poem I wrote 7 years ago I haven’t written much since college but I may have to revisit:   I’ve allowed myself to be a piece of Meat. fresh from the market on 34th street. No wrapping, consealing to keep my freshness. Not appealing in the morning just breakfast. I’ve allowed […]

Canceling an order

If it’s been less than an hour since your purchase, and the seller hasn’t sent the item yet, you can cancel your order yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact the seller and ask them to cancel it for you. long it’s been since you made your purchase, either by selecting Buy It Now or by […]

Tracking your item

You can follow your package online all the way to your shipping address when the seller uploads tracking information. How to track an item If your seller is using a tracked shipping service, it’s easy to follow your item’s progress. Here’s how: Find the item in your Purchase history. The tracking number will be displayed as a […]

Retracting a bid

If you’ve made a mistake when bidding on an item, you can retract your bid in certain circumstances. Whenever you place a bid, you’re agreeing to buy the item if you win the auction. However, in some situations you can retract your bid. When you can retract a bid You can retract a bid if: […]

Return an item for a refund

If your item arrives damaged or faulty, you can return it for a refund. If you’ve changed your mind and want to send it back, you can ask the seller if they’ll accept a return. From July 10, 2018, some of our time frames for item not received cases and return requests will change. The […]

Get Help With An Item That Hasn’t Arrived

If you didn’t get your item, you’re covered under the Bottomology Money Back Guarantee. We’ll make sure you either receive the item you ordered, or get your money back.   If your item hasn’t arrived, you’re protected by the Bottomology Money Back Guarantee and can either ask the seller for a refund, or for them to […]

Not Going To Cry | Diary of A Black Gay CEO

So on Wednesday it will be the third anniversary of the passing of my dear mother.  She died on August 1, 2015 due to congestive heart failure. Not having ones mom around is an experience only certain people my age go through. The people I talk to around my age range 25-35 all have the […]

My Favorite Story | Diary of a Black Gay CEO

So to introduce this segment of writing, I am coming to you every so often to write about my journey as a Black Gay CEO.  Now noticed the order I wrote that title. We will discuss that more later.  Honestly, I am very happy to express myself. This isn’t some way to get you to […]

Top 5 Ways To Bottom Without Pain! | Bottom Experts

Dear Cles, So Bottoming hurts and you know it. You are tired of people telling you to relax and to use more lube. Bitch! We do that shit! Well here are 5 tips you never heard of that will change your life!   1.) Get clean! – Aint nothing more discouraging than feeling unclean during […]

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How To Find Bottoms That Fit (Big Booty Men)

Watch the video on how to find pants that fit for big booty, wide hip men:

How to Heal an Anal Injury

So you had some rough sex and now you feel a stinging/burning sensation back there from an anal injury. You examined with sanitized hands and you discover a little tear or lump in your anus. Now what? Disclaimer: It is best that you take a bath. Bathing is much more soothing to an anal injury […]

I Think My Boyfriend is Cheating | The Bottom Line – Episode 2

The Bottomologist Helps out this poor man. He thinks his boyfriend is cheating on him.   For the last episode of the bottom line click here >> Episode 2

How to Make Anal Sex Better | The Bottom Line – Episode 2

For more information about anal sex click here ==>

My Man Won’t Lick My Butt? What Should I Do?

So during the past couple of years Bottomology has talked about people who choose to limit themselves sexually. Bottoms complain that the tops they’ve come across don’t eat the booty like groceries.  Well I’ll say this, stop complaining and find one of the many that will. You may be in a relationship with one who […]

Why Won’t My Boyfriend Change?

Feeling stuck in a relationship with someone who has all of these annoying traits? You talk, you badger, you out now say you suck!! But still no change and guess what he shouldn’t change. Now you are ready to leave this post but take this into consideration. We all have our separate individual purpose for being here on Earth. Our […]

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money

Money is something we all need. No matter where you go your bank account is open for draining.  So how do we balance what flows in versus what we spend. Okay so first make sure you have a full knowledge of where you are financially. How much do you owe? How much are you owed? How much do you […]

Episode 1 – The Take Over | The Bottom Line

https://bottomology.com/tea-cafe-blog Click for move fun gay videos like this! Bottomology Gay Marketplace Presents: The Bottom Line – Episode 1 The Take Down The Bottom Line is our animated gay talk show. Hosted by The CEO of Bottomology himself!

Why Do Gays Catfish So Much?

What is the point of catfishing? I really do not get the appeal of it. For those of you that do not know about catfishing, it was a term coined and made popular after a movie turned television show about people getting on the internet pretending to be someone else. I simply do not understand […]

Stormy Night | Bottomology.com

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